What is Shoot The Centerfold?

Shoot The Centerfold is composed of an elite group of professional photographers all considered the most respected and admired in the world. All have worked, or are still working for the world’s most famous magazine, Playboy creating features and pictorials; some on staff, some on contract, some a bit of both. Within that group an even more select number who actually photographed the Centerfolds that helped create the phenomenon of the Playboy Playmate.

All have decided to join forces in this first of a kind project called Shoot The Centerfold where we come together as a cohesive unit to share our knowledge and expertise in photographing women; including lighting, rapport with the model, posing, the importance of location, styling, and much, much more. We feel it will become the new face of photography studies.

Shoot the Centerfold will also invite some of the most noted photographers from around the globe to serve as guest mentors to form an even more impressive list of professionals from which to learn.

A rare few can claim the work that has made such a mark in this very special category of photography. Imagine being able to obtain some of the most well-kept secrets on photographing Centerfolds and pictorials from those same masters who actually created those moments while living them.

We will share the answers on how you can create Centerfold lighting via step-by-step, light-by-light, and picture-by-picture analysis with special video coverage along the way. We will introduce you to lighting gear, cameras, lenses and other equipment that have been the source of how the features, pictorials, and images were produced throughout the years by these legends.

In addition to explaining how important it is to have a crew of professionals around you when producing magazine quality photographs. How to utilize makeup artists & hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, assistants, locations, and all the elements that come together to create the very special pictures you’ve grown to expect. With ideas on how and where to find these people in order to utilize their skills and talent.

There are plans to create live feeds via the Internet in order for you to be at a workshop from anywhere in the world. To show how you might create various lighting aids by using everyday items or inexpensive materials.

Is Shoot The Centerfold for you?

If you are a novice, intermediate, or working professional photographer who has aspired for years to learn the secrets of Centerfold lighting, Glamour photography and various other lighting styles, or to simply be part of a very select photography community… then Shoot the Centerfold is for you.

The Centerfold category of lighting has been the goal and dream for many, yet never quite duplicated. This is the reason why there are only a handful of photographers who can rightly say they were there and accomplished such a feat.

Now you can put yourself right in the middle of a Centerfold photo set and take from it all the well-kept lighting secrets step by step. See just how much it takes to shoot a real Centerfold and you’ll never look at them the same way again.

Yet should you wish to learn a simpler style of lighting by using only a few lights, while still accomplishing artful, gorgeous photographs, we have developed a curriculum for that as well. We have truly tried to make Shoot The Centerfold the center for learning photography in order for everyone to reap the benefits and rewards.

From our online site, our streaming video seminars, DVDs, to future workshops on location in exotic locales, Shoot The Centerfold will be your place to turn for photography instruction from lighting masters.

Remember we are teaching techniques that were and are the backbone of the Centerfold photograph, but are what could make a photographer excel in any direction he wishes to take his work. What has become something copied in so many fashion spreads, ads for perfume, underwear, lingerie, you name it, was, and shall always be what made Playboy famous. Use these methods to create another facet within your own style of work. Make your work more finished, stylish and professional, using methods that were spawned within the photograph of a very famous movie star by the name of Marilyn. Honed and evolved for over a half century it was a revolution in photography that continues to marvel its viewers even to this day.

Join Shoot the Centerfold for an adventure in learning photography like none you’ve experienced before. May we ask that when you are with your peers, friends, all those who wish to join you in moving to a higher level of their work, please remember when speaking about Shoot the Centerfold, it’s where “wisdom is shared…”

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