We would like to thank you for the perfect seminar!

Val-Miss-Aug-2013-500Jarmo Pohjaniemi, Ric Moore, Gary Cole, Liz Stewart and the Shoot The Centerfold crew Mary Alejo, Julie Sinclair, Michael Raveney, Eric Auclair and Daniel MacSheen would like to personally thank you for the wonderful seminar experience we all had in L.A. this past weekend. New friends were made, old acquaintances reunited, and most importantly, photographic knowledge was imparted. It’s not everyday a perfect weekend of this kind can be declared, full of educational opportunities, everlasting impressions and exceptional memories to be remembered.

The Los Angeles STC seminar was our first one-day-seminar experience. Lots of topics, interesting discussions, photographic wisdom was shared and packed into a single day. We all came together as one big family with one love in mind; photography. The personal experiences we shared, bonding as friends – and on top of it all, learning photography – was priceless. We truly wish we could have spent more time with all of you. Due to our ongoing success, we are now working towards producing a new seminar/program that will offer much more than any other we have ever offered before.

We are going to be publishing some feature and behind-the-scenes images from this past seminar on our website, www.ShootTheCenterfold.com. If you would like to send us some of your best shots (with a brief description of your experience with us in Los Angeles), you are most welcome to do so. You can send them to info@ShootTheCenterfold.com with your full name and a small description that we can use as a caption for the selected images so we can also give you a photo credit.

Also, let us know if you have any follow-up questions. Sometimes, questions arise after the seminar when you’ve had sufficient time to mentally process what you have learned and have time to go over your images. We are here to help and give you the best possible advice on becoming a better photographer, not to mention the importance of proper business and marketing skills!

And talking about the follow-up, as you saw for yourself in this past seminar, our attendees are getting published though our teachings and assistance. If you feel that this is also your goal, send us a note with your wishes and requirements. We are here to help you to make your dreams come true.

According to Jarmo Pohjaniemi, “Following up on the lessons learned during our seminar keeps you on top of and on the cutting-edge, and as they are now fresh in your mind, let’s put them to a good use.” Sometimes all it takes is a little push and some direction for a person to reach their goal that had previously seemed impossible! When it comes to making dreams come true and accomplishing goals, we don’t take no for an asnwer and nor should you!

Follow-up consulting and One-on-One sessions are available in selected cities:

  •  Miami, FL (Jarmo Pohjaniemi)
  •  Slovenia EU (Ales Bravnicar)
  •  Dallas, TX (Ric Moore)
  •  London, England, UK (Byron Newman)

We welcome all of questions and inquires to: info@ShootTheCenterfold.com

 Seminar experience in your words!

Tell us about your seminar experience with us and how do you think we can serve you better. We all have wishes and opinins and it matters to us what you think! We are here to stand by you and want to make sure that no voice goes unheard. Send your suggestions to: support@shootthecenterfold.com


What you saw at STC’s L.A. seminar – a follow-up summary!

A hushed gathering of photographers filled Studio Exchange’s main studio, silently taking their seats and speaking in subdued morning conversations, some anticipating a day of adventures, others not sure of what to expect, but all were wide-eyed and anxious as first-graders on their first day of school.

We knew this would be a special day for everyone and no one would walk away unchanged, including us. Photographers and models from across the country – including one from Hawaii, even one from India – took their seats for a day packed with experiences they would not soon forget. I knew there would be too many things to remember, so we made a few mental notes to refresh your memories of the goings-on.

gary-370Gary Cole welcomed everyone and spoke of his experiences with Playboy and the publishing industry in general. Gary’s experience, wisdom and consulting services are always a priceless addition to all of STC’s seminars. He explained the best way to avoid the pitfalls of the industry and how to keep your eyes on the target, especially if you didn’t wish to become the target of others. He explained that almost without exception, the biggest hindrances to career development and advancement are our own apprehensions, self-doubts and misgivings.

jarmo-talking-250Jarmo Pohjaniemi was next to take the stage and explained his sometimes-unorthodox methods of achieving his goals, which was enough to get him a golden ticket and through the doors of Playboy Studio West. Jarmo reminded attendees that originality and individuality is just as important as technical prowess. He spoke of maintaining an efficient production workflow and being well prepared before going into the studio or location. The STC master then presented a slideshow demonstrating how he prepares for his impressive shoots. Attendees were also given a sneak peek at Jarmo’s new photo book chronicling his recent trip to Africa.

Making a guest appearance during Jarmo’s presentation were previous attendees Doug Hill and Dr. Dan. Doug displayed his first full-page ad for Playboy International, while Dr. Dan’s claim to fame featured his first Playboy Playmate pictorial, published in Playboy SA. He is now preparing for his second Playmate shoot set for the first week in November.

Ric-moore-250STC photographer Ric “Less is More” Moore spoke of how he achieves his signature look by utilizing strategically placed lighting in tandem with available light. His minimalist approach is in keeping with his personally philosophy of looking at the world while peeking through a viewfinder and lighting the subject accordingly. Ric’s tried and true formula is deceptively simple, yet masterful in its approach. It has allowed him a crossover success into other areas of the photo industry.


An L.A. lunchtime menu consisting of  Mexican and Asian sparked new energy and an opportunity to mingle. As a bonus dessert, Samy’s Camera Store was on hand with photo treats for those needing an upgrade in their equipment and camera gear. STC’s bookstore was also open for perusal and featured its complete line of educational books. The lighting and posing guides were snapped up quickly. They hold most of the techniques used by STC’s master photographers and are utilized as stepping-stones by many successful photographers. Shoot The Centerfold’s camera support equipment was also displayed.

After lunch, set producer and former Playmate Liz Stewart introduced herself. Liz is responsible for countless Playboy set designs and wardrobe choices seen in sets, advertisements and much more. Her presentation gave a attendees a rare look at the makings of Playboy sets and the magic created by having the perfect combination of set and subject.

val-kiel-250Following Liz’s amazing speech, Jarmo introduced Val Kiel, Playboy’s Miss August 2013, and walked her to the stage where he demonstrated a simple, yet powerful, lighting technique using only two lights to get a that cutting edge look used in today’s photo industry. Now that time crunching deadlines rule the day and simple lighting techniques are required, Jarmo’s set-up was a perfect example of how to manipulate and light images on a budget. He explained that while some situations do necessitate a multi-light configuration, other typical situations could use fewer lights and still have results with the caveat that they must always look just as good as multi-light images.

Joe-Tejeda-470Steve took the stage next and presented one of his signature lighting styles where he uses the same number of lights to provide a variety of lighting possibilities. With the help of Jaclyn Swedberg, Playboy’s 2012 Playmate of the Year, Steve’s display of lighting magic proved we were in the presence of a true master of light.

By this time, the attendees had their cameras and lenses at the ready and poised to shoot as if it were the very last time they would ever hold a camera. There is no denying that something special happens when snap-happy trigger fingers get a Playmate or two in their sights. If you’ve ever wondered what a celeb hears as they navigate a scrum of paparazzi, it’s nothing compared to when a full-fledged Playmate steps in front of a small sea of cameras. The cacophony created by the multitude of shutter-clicks of Nikon, Canon, Minolta and other cameras resembled thousands of crickets deep inside the Amazon’s rain forest.

The HMI constant lighting made it easier on everyone, including Jaclyn who set the tempo and seemed to drive the attendees into something like a photographers’ feeding frenzy.

The clicks continued to echo through the room with the occasional “Yeah, that’s it.” “Right there.” and “Perfect!” being heard over the buzz.

Val Kiel stepped up to center stage to take over from Jaclyn, then, to satisfy photographers with a taste for blondes, STC ambassador and fitness competitor Alex Cane gave the crowd an eyeful (and lens-ful) of why she’s so popular on the competition stage. Memory cards were filled to capacity and there might have been a rush to Samy’s to grab a few more, but we can’t be sure since there was no time to talk, only stand out the attendees’ way as they feasted both their eyes and cameras on the three beauties.

As the shutter symphony died down, the photographers slowly – and a bit sadly – bagged their cameras as if they were children being told to put away their toys. Their smiles soon returned, however, as they all gathered for the end-of-day raffle of lighting equipment and camera accessories from Hensel, Chimera, Lightware, ThinkTank and Samy’s Camera.


Much too soon, the day ended and a certificate presentation ceremony was held for participating attendees. As we shook hands and parted, we hoped this was not goodbye, but instead the beautiful beginning of a successful journey without end. From the strength of your handshakes and sincerity of smiles and spoken words, we knew that the magic had once again been created – one family, one love… photography.

Thank you!

Shoot The Centerfold.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Samy’s Camera, Chimera-Hensel Lighting Solutions, Sunbounce, Lightware, ThinkTank, Seaport Digutal, McKenna Pro, Miami Daylight Studios,  Carousel Studios and Cinemecanix

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