Sexy Behind The Scenes Video and Images – STC Oct 13-14, 2012 Seminar / Workshop


Here are some behind the scene images from Shoot The Centerfold Oct 13-14, 2012 seminar/workshop.

1200+ cars from the Dezer Collection (a lot of them for sale), five master instructors, 15+ assistants, 75 attendees, heaps of great glamour and fashion models, Hensel and HMI lights, tons of shiny Canons and those yellow-black Nikon cameras (some Nex & Leica, too), Gallons of coffee, 1000 cans of energy drinks and 500 sodas, 400 eggs, bagels and much more. Five months of planning burnt in two adrenaline packed days and memories to last a lifetime.

Pre-production meeting with STC assistants and master photographers prior to the seminar. Getting last minute check-ups and loose ends in check.

Next morning inspection of the seminar location with the crew and photographers. Too many cars to choose from can cause confusion.

Dream assistant Erny, always ready for any battle, any size, pick your size. Man who knows how to please a photographer and get the job done.

Dezer Collection and STC production crew discussing how to move cars and make space for shooting and attendees. The plan that changed at least 20 times before the final conclusion.

Quick break between production and setting lighting for the sets, and Tacos are very delicious.

How do you choose your car for your photo-set when there are 1200 of them. More choices, the more confusing it gets.

Byron Newman’s set is half-way done evening before the seminar. Major electrical problems makes the king of HMI lose sleep for the night. Insufficient electrical power is to blame.

Beautiful blue Arri light cannot be used and Byron and his team is looking for solutions to solve insufficient electrical problem. 2k HMI lights require 220w to operate instead 110w’s.

Byron Newman and Ales Bravnicar pose for panorama in Byron’s French Riviera set. All we need now are the models.

Ales Bravnicar’s set is almost done and is ready for test shots. His team has two female assistants Erin and Eva, who both are also photographers.

STC attendees are getting ready for the day one seminar opening ceremony that will kickoff tense two-day seminar / workshop.

Ales and Byron exchange opinions while Mary Alejo cuts attendee badges.

Ric Moore is left in limbo with this daylight set after last moment pull-out due to bad weather conditions. The risk of getting rained out fueled the decision to move indoors (and he was correct!).

Jarmo’s set with his very favorite car, 1959 dual headlight Corvette smiling on front on a 50’s diner. Learning proper lighting for metal surfaces, car and the model was Jarmo’s lecture on his set.

Jarmo set with 12 Hensel strobeheads is ready – all we need is the model.


Beautiful red Corvette, I’ll take it (without the Elvis.)

“Never has my house had so many real people and photographers at once,” says Jarmo Pohjaniemi. It was a really cool to see so many different personalities who spoke the language of photography and who cherish the same dream as I do.

Dining room with light bites and wine and new friends.

Photographers Byron Newman and Dr. Dan sharing thoughts about past two day seminar and photography.

Early arrivals scout the house shooting in mind. (Hey man, could I do a shoot in here?)

38 bottles of wine change owner during the night. Joshua’s self baked tasty cake disappears in no time.

Lineup is STC model ambassadors posing. Thank god we had no shortage of photographers in the house.

Jarmo’s house has never had so many photographers at once. A perfect crowd, a perfect family.

Dr. Dan, Hans, Jeff Cohen, beautiful model and armored guard.

Playboy’s longtime director Gary Cole in the wine watch at the kitchen. (One more please…)

Photographer Ric Moore and guests.

Shoot The Centerfold, Gary Cole, Jarmo Pohjaniemi, Byron Newman, Ales Bravnicar and Ric Moore what to thank you for joining us for the Oct 2012 seminar / workshop, and for the after party. New friends were made and this was a memorable weekend for all of us. We hope to repeat the same again … soon in the future.

Stay tuned and thank you.