Register – Eleuthera Bahamas May 25 – 26, 2013


We would like to thank you for the perfect weekend

Steve Wayda, Jarmo Pohjaniemi and the STC crew would like to personally thank you for the wonderful weekend we all experienced in the Bahamas this past weekend. New friends were made, old acquaintances reunited, and most importantly, photographic knowledge was imparted. It’s not everyday a perfect weekend of this kind with everlasting impressions and exceptional memories to be remembered can be declared.

This Shoot The Centerfold Memorial Day Weekend seminar / workshop was one of the best (If not THE best) seminar experiences we have ever had. We all came together as one big family with one love in mind; photography. The personal experiences we shared, bonding as friends, and on top of it all, learning photography, was priceless and something to be remembered forever. We truly wish we could have spent more time with all of you and stayed there even longer.

We are going to be publishing some behind-the-scenes and feature images from this past weekend in If you would like to send us some of your best shots (with a brief description about your experience with us in Bahamas), you are most welcome to do so. You can send them to with your full name and a small description that we can use as a caption so we can give you a photo credit.

Also, let us know if you have any follow-up questions. Sometimes, questions arise after the seminar when you’ve had sufficient time to mentally process what you have learned and have time to go over your images. We are here to help and give you advice on becoming a better photographer, not to mention the importance of business and marketing!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your participation STC’s Bahamas seminar and workshop, and we hope to see you at the next seminar stop for more exciting photographic fun and a continued sharing of wisdom.


Shoot The Centerfold Memorial Day Weekend Seminar/Workshop • Eleuthera, Bahamas – May 25 – 26, 2013

With Legendary Master photographers Steve Wayda and Jarmo Pohjaniemi

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If you’re looking for that picture-perfect beach only seen in movies, look no further, you’ve found it! This incredible and unique location is the dream-come-true location for anyone, photographer or just a tourist. Of course, Shoot The Centerfold is no exception to falling to Eleuthera’s charms because only the very best will do! The very name, Eleuthera, is Greek for the feminine word for “free.”


Please be sure to book your hotel as soon as you have decided to attend the seminar/workshop. Available rooms are at a premium due to a very limited number of accommodations, so place your reservation as soon as possible.

Here is a list of affordable hotels close to our seminar location:

The master photography seminar/workshop is a two-day Master Class environment for the beginner, intermediate or professional photographer who is looking to take their photography to the next level. You’ll have an opportunity to photograph Playboy Playmates and top agency models in a rich and famous location in the Bahamas – Eleuthera.

Living-Room-1This location hosts world-class clientele such as:

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Sports illustrated; Swimsuit
  • Shilo
  • Lenny Cravitz
  • J-Crew

Enjoy a weekend packed with inspirational Master Classes, In-Depth Seminar / Workshop Demonstrations and learn the magic of natural light supplemented with fill-in strobe/reflector techniques as seen in top publications.


Photograph Playboy Playmates and top modeling agency models seen in top magazines across the world. You are also welcome to bring your own model and photograph her in addition to our models. (All models subject to approval by Shoot The Centerfold.)
Shoot until you drop with selected models!

Be sure to sign-up for this once-in-a-lifetime chance, never offered before in a seminar or workshop in this kind of setting. You only see this kind of location in movies and major projects (or at Shoot The Centerfold venues!).

Why should you join Shoot The Centerfold? Two reasons.


One: We are the real deal. We’ve been there, done that, and still doing it after 30 years of being a major part of glamour photography and a dominant voice in publications worldwide. We’re the very same photographers who started what you see in the magazines today. The style you see is uniquely our own.

Two: We are master photographers with the rare ability of being able to not only create beautiful images, but also teach photographers what we have gained through years of experience. Our strength is our ability to pass this knowledge on to you. Our goal is to see you become not only a master of your work, but also a success in your business ventures.

bedroomPhotography secrets and lighting techniques are a very personal aspect of our work. We have devoted our lives to pursuing our craft and finding that true expression of art and passion that drives each one of us. Look at our images and you will see the heart of what we have collectively spent a lifetime to refine. Success, financial well-being, and respect among your fellow photographers are admirable traits, but finding happiness and satisfaction within your own work is wealth beyond measure.

Shoot The Centerfold photographers rank among the most published photographers in the world. They have created a look that has defined glamour photography for three decades, and they continue to do so to this very day. The combined experience of STC photographers in fashion, beauty, editorial and lifestyle speaks for itself and is now what many consider a cornerstone in the world of publishing and international glamour photography.

Back-DeckSo, why become a part of Shoot The Centerfold? Perhaps a better question would be, how could you afford not to be? How is it possible for you to turn away from the opportunity to not only learn from the best, but also attain the possibility of joining them as peers? STC stands behind its commitment to instruct and guide those who wish to learn the art and craft of photography, no matter the individual photographer’s experience or level of proficiency.

palm-rowToday’s photographer faces many decisions in a world of ever-increasing odds and circumstances against them. We are in uncertain times, and not even the best in the photo business know in which direction the market is heading. Your best bet is to prepare for a future where your talents are brought to the forefront, no matter the situation. Will you be ready when the time comes?Marketa-500


Getting to Eleuthera is easy

You can fly directly to Governors Harbour Airport (GHB) from Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

Or you can fly in to Nassau (NAS), with airline of your choice and then to Governor’s Harbour Airport:



Arrive by sea!

For the ultimate getaway experience, take a cruise line to the Bahamas either from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. It’s a perfect romantic way to travel with that special someone. Select the cruise line of your choice below:

Upon your arrival at the port of Nassau, it’s a short hop to Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) where you can select a local airline for a short flight to Governor’s Harbour Airport.


Recommended travel preparations

• You must have a valid passport if you are arriving to The Bahamas from foreign soil.

• Print your itinerary and hotel information before leaving for the trip.

• Always take cameras as carry-on luggage on planes. Baggage handlers are particularly fond of manhandling and losing camera equipment.

• Make sure to book your hotel early as possible. Hotels in Elehuthera – Bahamas have limited amount of rooms. Room sharing is also available between STC attendees.

• Don’t forget battery chargers for your camera and mobile phone.

• A laptop is great for backing up images, keeping in contact via Skype or email, as well as rudimentary image editing.

• You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

• Pack lightly. Most likely, the weather in the Bahamas will be nice and warm. Recommended attire is shorts and T-Shirt. Sandals work well in a beach environment and don’t forget to bring protective suntan lotion.

• Bring a camera sensor and lens cleaning kit in case you need to clean your camera. Sand looks good in your pictures, not in your camera. The Bahamas does not have a walk-in camera store where you can just pick up stuff.

Recommended camera lenses

  • 24-70mm
  • 70-200mm 

You are welcome to bring other focal length lenses as well if you like one specifically. There is nothing worse than discovering that you need that lens you left at home.

Why Only Two Master Photographers?

Due to limited accommodations on the small resort island of Eleuthera, hosting a regular-sized seminar of 70 attendees, plus all STC photographers and their crews was logistically impractical. Shoot The Centerfold decided that having only two photographers, Steve Wayda and Jarmo Pohjaniemi, instruct during the seminar/workshop would be a more feasible solution. In this way, attendees will be able to learn at a relaxed pace with each photographer, have more opportunities to ask questions, as well as spend more time shooting the model and trying different poses, angles and lenses.



Shoot The Centerfold Seminar/Workshop Schedule • Eleuthera, Bahamas – May 25 – 26, 2013


TWO Centerfold Photographers

Steve Wayda & Jarmo Pohjaniemi

FOUR professional models, Playmates and top agency models.

For this fabulous seminar/workshop, we have selected only the very best of professional models from the world of fashion and glamour. Our models have been photographed for national and international advertising campaigns, published in countless editorial articles, and seen in some of the most highly recognized brand name ads across the globe.

It’s our belief that our attendees deserve nothing but the best. In this way, your useable image ratio goes from an average of 40% up to 60% or even 70%.  These models were carefully evaluated and hand-picked from leading agencies so you can experience what it’s like working with a professional model without having to pay a hefty price tag just for a day’s work. After spending some quality time with a professional model in front of your camera, you’ll appreciate working with someone who will not only deliver, but also serve as a source of inspiration to bring your photography to its fullest potential. If there’s a prime directive in photography, it must surely be to never settle for anything except the very best.


ONE location with endless shooting capabilities.

ONE Unforgettable Weekend!

Playboy’s legendary photographer Steve Wayda and STC master photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi  will instruct attendees and give them the benefit of over 50 years of combined experience in glamour and fashion photography. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to photograph the most beautiful women in one of the most exotic tropical locations in the world. Steve and Jarmo will gladly share with you the essence of what has taken them a lifetime to learn and what is now known as an industry standard.

This unique seminar/workshop will primarily focus on using natural light combined with supplemental artificial (strobe and reflector) lighting scenarios. Attendees will be able to achieve perfect skin tonality, contrast and lighting, and color balance as seen in the pages of Playboy, Victoria’s Secret and top swimsuit ad campaigns.


More instructor-attendee time and availability

And we’ve saved the best for last. Due to limited accommodations, this seminar will be limited to only 35-40 attendees. What this means is that instead of a few, scant minutes with an instructor, you will be able to spend HOURS learning from both Steve and Jarmo. Not only that, but you’ll have the model in front of your camera long enough to explore and experiment with different camera settings and gear selections.


Saturday – Event Day 1

8:00 – 9:00  Registration: schedules and badges.

Morning: We will be discussing our preferences with production aspects, make-up, hair and how important these elements are in creating the perfect image. This will be followed by a look at how wardrobe is utilized to help build the mood and style of a photograph. Next, we’ll go over the importance of having an experienced crew of assistants to help you, the photographer, manage and set the lights so you can focus on the necessary details, which can often be overlooked if you are forced to take on these tasks alone.

12:00 – 1:00 – Lunch.

Afternoon: After separating into two small groups of about 15-20 for each set, your instructors will discuss their lighting philosophies and styles by working with everything from small light set-ups to highly controlled multi-light configurations. Steve and Jarmo will demonstrate how to achieve the perfect image with needed publishing qualities for the industry standards. Additional lectures will cover cutting-edge lighting styles, as well as how to approach and achieve results in some of the most challenging of lighting situations.


Swimsuit / Lingerie scenario: Beach / House

Techniques include:
  • Understand how to create three different looks for a single pose swimsuit scenario; 1.) Dominant, 2.) Commercial, and, 3.) Seductive. Learn to control the element of mood and pose which will set the direction of you photoshoot.
  • Appropriate skin tonality and color temperature separation.
  • Lighting balance in 3 different depth of fields (aka bokeh), and how to control them to maximize the product /image presence.
  • Makeup & Hair Do’s & Don’ts vs. Natural Light and strobe lighting scenarios.
  • In-depth discussion and demonstration on how to direct your model for the best performance during your photo session. (You are the director of your set, not the model.)
  • Importance of the posing for glamour and fashion, as well as how to pose your model for the product shot. Learn to recognize elements of style and why it sometimes doesn’t matter. (Catalog /Commercial/Glamour/Lifestyle)
  • Learn to use the right equipment for each lighting situation; water element, dry beach, outdoor, shade, high noon, hard light, indoor, natural and artificial lighting techniques.
  • The magic of the “golden hour” and how/when to shoot without getting color separation color cast, which is a publisher’s color separation nightmare.
  • Steve Wayda, a master of studio lighting will explain his famous beach lighting techniques, which have created a style imitated worldwide by countless photographic publications.
  • Jarmo Pohjaniemi will show you his deepest secrets and how his photographic style was recognized by Playboy. He will also share the actual reasons why editors could never duplicate the magic he was able to capture in his images. This lifetime career secret is still in use in each of Jarmo’s photoshoots.

The topics above are crucial knowledge that makes a photographer’s career come alive! Never underestimate the wisdom and experience that can give you that much needed career boost as a photographer. 


We will also have on hand a digital technician who will assist attendees on topics such as:

  1.  Camera basic
  2.  Settings
  3.  Lenses
  4.  Equipment
  5.  Post-production work


Sunday – Event Day 2

9:00 – 6:00 – Now it’s your turn to take all the new tips and tricks you have learned during the first day and step behind the lens for a personal shoot on Steve and Jarmo’s sets. This is an amazing opportunity designed to bolster your confidence and provide portfolio with images that are sure to impress even the most demanding of clients.

Steve and Jarmo will supervise, teach and adjust each attendee’s techniques during Sunday’s shooting session.

12:00 – 1:00 – Lunch.

1:00 – 2:00 – Review and quality analysis session with attendees to advise and adjust morning session workflow and results.

2:00 – 6:00 – Supervised freestyle shooting sessions continue. You have the opportunity to shoot under Steve and/or Jarmo’s supervision or pick an all-you-can-shoot style setting. This is the first time Shoot The Centerfold has offered freestyle shooting, in addition to the supervised photo sessions. You can also choose to participate in both shooting sessions to maximize your photography knowledge and satisfy your snap-happy, trigger-finger personality. Most importantly, our goal is to offer you best of the both worlds to make sure that you advance in both your photographic knowledge and potential career opportunities.

8:00 – Wrap-up summary meet and greet with Bahamian musical act that will set the rhythm of the evening. These is a great opportunity to explore our seminar/workshop results, recap our lessons learned, do some future planning, schmooze with the models, and just talk shop while having fun mingling in a more relaxed setting.


Seats are limited reserve now.