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Shoot the Centerfold’s general submission page

If you have ever wanted to enter into the glamorous world of modeling and never knew quite how to start, send us your model submission via email. It’s easy, it’s fast, and we will evaluate whether you have what it takes to become a Shoot The Centerfold Model.

Send us recent color photos of yourself, unedited / non-photoshopped images preferred. Submissions should be in digital jpeg format and show a variety of poses including full figure and face shots. The photos don’t need to be shot by a professional, but they should be clear, in focus, and not too dark.

Shoot The Centerfold is looking for a super high-end fashion model for a top fashion pictorial.

Will fly in from anywhere in the world with a right look. All accommodations and travel fully paid.

  • Category: Fashion
  • Modeling fee: $500.00 per day.
  • Requirements: 5’8 plus 
  • Shoot date: Nove 20 – 26th
  • Location: Miami – Florida

Shoot The Centerfold 2016 Seminar Models

  • Category: Fashion/Glamour
  • Modeling fee: $250.00 – $1000 per day.
  • Requirements: 5’7 plus
  • Shoot date: To be announced soon.
  • Location: World Wide

Beauty Lighting Campaign

  • Category: Fashion/Beauty
  • Modeling fee: $400.00 – $1000.00 per day.
  • Requirements: 5’8 plus 
  • Shoot date: Dec 1st – 4th
  • Location: Miami – Florida


We would like personal information such as:

  •  Height
  •  Weight
  •  Measurements (Include bra size.)
  •  Occupation
  •  Hobbies
  •  Contact Phone Number

We are looking for fashion, beauty and glamour models. All applicants are welcome.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Shoot The Centerfold Inc. is an educational company that specializes in photographic education of all areas of photography and is rated PG-13.