We would like to thank you for the perfect Miami seminar!



The weather in Miami Beach averages 93º this time of the year. However, a significant temperature increase was recorded within a two-block radius from the Temple House Studios when Shoot The Centerfold’s March 2015 seminar/workshop models and photographers arrived from all corners of the world for an unforgettable weekend filled with high energy and excitement.

Jarmo Pohjaniemi, Gary Cole, Byron Newman, Ales Bravnicar, Ric Moore, Mary Alejo and the Shoot The Centerfold crew would like to personally thank you for the wonderful seminar experience we all had at the Temple House Studios. Some serious knowledge was imparted. It’s not often that a weekend of this kind happens, full of educational techniques, opportunities, everlasting new relationships and exceptional memories.


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ByronSetMichalSzelest568One cannot quite describe the STC experience without experiencing it first hand. There was so much information packed into the two-day seminar that has taken a lifetime to collect by STC’s master photographers and editors. And it has now been shared with you. We really consider each one of you like our proteges and hope that you will follow in our footsteps and then some. There were questions, answers and wake up calls for those of you who did not know what to expect and got an realistic evaluation of your work from the very same people who have been part of creating the look and feel of today’s publishing industry.

Gary Cole and his invaluable reviews are one of the most brutally honest evaluations anyone can get, but also very constructive to someone who can get past the blow to the ego and is willing to learn and evolve from it. His level of expertise is unmatched in the industry.

Not only did we get to re-live moments from the past, but we also got a glimpse of what the future could hold. Many of you joined STC to seek guidance and direction, while some came to collect the most shutter clicks. Whatever the reasons, this weekend was a huge success based on your feedback, and of course having some of the most beautiful models any seminar/workshop has ever seen didn’t hurt. We feel very confident based on your comments that each and everyone of the attendees got more than they expected.

Every time we host a seminar, we learn as much from you as you learn from us. We also acknowledge you will all achieve different levels of success in photography. Some will continue to make a living while others will become world famous. It is truly beautiful to observe and see firsthand when success comes knocking on your door. Some may hesitate and question if you are making the right choices. That’s where we come in to help and guide you on the most efficient path to your success.

It is really a joy to see photographers come together from all around the world, no matter what language you speak. There’s no other place on earth that I have seen where all guards are down and we all become one big family sharing the same passion. Photographers are known for their egos which I’m happy to report were left at home and a mutual photographic language was spoken.


Not only is the STC seminar an event where you go for good times and to shoot some of the most beautiful models. It actually serves as an eye opener like none other of its kind. Unlike most other seminars, when you return back home with your images, this is where the journey begins. We look for the potential talent via our seminars, wishing to pave the future for those who seek success. Not everyone has the same goals as we do. The fine-art specialist Richard Coplan who you met during our past seminar says: “I’m very surprised at the level of talent I saw and I think that we have discovered a few potential future stars”.

Jade-AB-568I constantly get asked from photographers and industry professionals, “Why do you do it for others instead of benefitting your own career?” The answer is quite simple: That is what makes us special and different from all the others. Now don’t get me wrong, we took plenty of time during our respective careers to focus on our own goals, we all pretty much achieved the absolute top in the industry.

But the greatest rewards in life are not what you can do for yourself, but for the others in need.

This was the first reason why Shoot The Centerfold was born a long ago in the streets of Paris and Milan when faced with my own challenges. I remember saying to myself, “If only one day I could make it easier for the ones after me, there has to be an easier and better way!” This was the very beginning that later developed into my inspiration to launch Shoot The Centerfold.

We always start the upcoming seminar production roughly 6-7 months ahead of time to ensure an optimal experience for our attendees. We evaluate and listen to your voices and requests on what matters the most to you and we adapt the seminars accordingly.

We are going to be publishing some features and behind-the-scenes images from this past seminar on our website, www.ShootTheCenterfold.com. If you would like to send us some of your best shots (with a brief description of your experience with us), you are most welcome to do so. You can send them to info@ShootTheCenterfold.com with your full name and a small description that we can use as a caption for the selected images so we can also give you a photo credit.

Also, let us know if you have any follow-up questions. Sometimes, questions arise after the seminar when you’ve had sufficient time to mentally process what you have learned and have time to go over your images. We are here to help and give you the best possible advice on becoming a better photographer, not to mention the importance of proper business and marketing skills!

iPad--ad-290And talking about follow-up, as you saw for yourself in this past seminar, our attendees are getting published as a result of following our teachings and assistance. Great example; you saw Doug Hill and Dr Dan who has racked up 10 Playboy covers in less than two years time, not to mention his Playmate and feature layouts. If you feel that this is also your goal, send us a note with clear career goals, we are here to help make your dreams come true.

Brushing up on the lessons learned during our seminar keeps you on the cutting-edge of the industry, and as they are now fresh in your mind, let’s put them to good use. Sometimes all it takes is a little push and some direction for a person to reach their potential that had previously seemed impossible. When it comes to making dreams come true and accomplishing goals, we don’t take no for an answer and nor should you!

~ Jarmo Pohjaniemi


Follow-up consulting and One-on-One sessions are available in selected cities:

  •  Miami, FL (Jarmo Pohjaniemi)StartYourCareerHere300
  •  Slovenia EU (Ales Bravnicar)
  •  Dallas, TX (Ric Moore)
  •  London, England, UK (Byron Newman)

We welcome all of questions and inquires to: info@ShootTheCenterfold.com


Seminar experience in your words!

Tell us about your seminar experience with us and how you think we can do better. We all have wishes and opinions and it matters to us what you think! We are here to stand by you and want to make sure that no voice goes unheard. Send your suggestions to: support@shootthecenterfold.com



What you saw at STC’s Miami seminar – a follow-up summary!

A hush gathering of photographers filled Temple House Studio’s main room, silently taking their seats and sipping Portbox sponsored coffee. They exchanged subdued morning conversations, some anticipating a day of adventures, others not sure of what to expect but all were wide-eyed and as anxious as first-graders on their first day of school.

We knew this would be a special day for everyone and no one would walk away unchanged, including us. Photographers and models from across the world – including one from Pakistan even one from Australia – took their seats for a day packed with experiences they would not soon forget. I knew there would be too many things to remember, so we made a few mental notes to refresh your memories of the goings-on.


Gary Cole welcomed everyone and spoke of his experiences with Playboy and the publishing industry in general. Gary’s experience, wisdom and consulting services are always a priceless addition to all of STC’s seminars. He explained the best way to avoid the pitfalls of the industry and how to keep your eyes on the target, especially if you didn’t wish to become the target of others. He explained that almost without exception, the biggest hindrances to career development and advancement are our own apprehensions, self-doubts and misgivings.

KarolinaPerterUrbanski568Byron Newman A certain legacy surrounds a man of so many talents, known best for his constant lighting techniques. Byron demonstrated his multi light setup and how to mix color temperatures with perfection and achieve his classic lighting style that carries a timeless and modern value seen in today’s cosmetic and commercial campaigns.

Byron is a pioneer well known for his lighting style which has been adopted around the globe, insuring his legacy in photography history. Byron who spent a third of his entire life photographing beauties for Playboy is a perfect example that will be recognized for generations to come. Not only did Byron demonstrate light, but also shared his wisdom and philosophies in a multitude of levels on how one can succeed in today’s photography world. The unparalleled style, composition and his own appearance with pointy shoes embodies what a true artist is all about.

Karolina-Wozniak-jarmoJarmo Pohjaniemi was next to take the stage and explained his sometimes unorthodox methods of achieving his goals which started in front of camera, a long long time ago.

This unique advantage proved to be beneficial and gave incredible insight on how the industry works. Getting both the model and photographer’s point of view has been a winning formula.

Jarmo reminded attendees that originality and individuality is just as important as technical prowess. He spoke of maintaining an efficient production workflow and being well prepared before going into the studio or location. The STC master then presented a slideshow demonstrating how he prepares for his impressive shoots. Attendees were also given a sneak peek at Jarmo’s pictorials and how he prepares his productions for uniqueness and individuality.

Dashil-VogueMaking a guest appearance during Jarmo’s presentation was world famous top model Dashil Hernandez who made herself available for questions from surprised and excited photographers. There’s nothing more valuable than getting such a model’s point-of-view to better understand how important the model-photographer relationship can be.

Dashil is known in the modeling circles of Paris, New York, and Milano and has worked with such clients as: Oscar de La Renta, Chloe, Emilio Pucci, Chanel, Naeem, Khan,Valentino, Versace, Custo Barcelona, Sherry Hill, Pin Up Stars and Vogue.

STC photographer Ric “Less is More” Moore spoke of how he achieves his signature look by utilizing strategically placed lighting with simplicity. Ric and his minimalist approach is in keeping with his philosophy of looking at the world while peeking through a viewfinder and lighting the subject accordingly. Ric’s tried and RaveneyPhotoshop400true formula is deceptively simple, yet masterful in its approach. It has allowed him to cross over into other areas of the photo industry that ranges from Playboy to commercial photography assignments.

Michael Raveney, one of the hottest “up-and-coming” photographers in the industry was demonstrating his workflow and the Photoshop techniques used by today’s top professionals. Attendees got a chance to see his methods and how he has built an impressive track record in delivering amazing print-ready content for top clients such as Under Armour, Heys Suitcases, BMW Eyewear, Thompson Hotels, SLS Hyde, Katsuya and Miss Sixty, just to name a few.


capture-integration400Capture Integration was the new STC camera sponsor for the seminar and brought several Phase One cameras and camera backs for STC attendees to play with. There was no shortage of quality images and curious attendees. The Phase One system is one of the best, if not the best, in the world as far medium format cameras go. For those who are interested to find out more, contact (877) 217-9870 / info@captureintegration.com or Chris Snipes at chris@captureintegration.com. (Make sure not to forget to ask about the STC attendee discounts.)

IrinaPeterUrbanski568And let’s not forget the amazing professional models who posed and chrisSnipes400stood up on their heels for two days straight, while keeping lovely smiles on their faces. What would we be without the beautiful models who ranged from girl next door, Playboy glamour and top fashion models who kept your camera sensors smoking all weekend. Some of you were actually scrambling to borrow memory cards from others! We did warn that this would happen, if you don’t come fully loaded!

The lovely models you met are:

  • Jade Amber Williams
  • Aksana Samy
  • Dani Silva
  • Natalie Golba
  • Irina Suzana
  • Irina Kazakova
  • Ralitsa Ivanova
  • Ines Juranovic
  • Heather Hogrefe
  • Jerrica Hermanson
  • Karolina Wozniak
  • Laura Fernandez
  • Dashil Hernandez
  • Emily Perilli
  • Kristen Deluca

If you are interested in booking any of the models you met during the STC March seminar, let us know and we will be happy to help you with the process.


 Our Masters – in their own words

Gary Cole


Bapi568There have been other excellent seminars. In fact, all the seminars I have attended, and there have been several, were all first rate. However, I think this most recent seminar of March 21-21, 2015 at Temple House in Miami was perhaps the best. Let me count the reasons.

Jarmo, our friend, teacher, mentor and leader, assembled the most fantastic group of models you’re likely ever to see under one studio roof at one time. Fifteen gorgeous girls, all with great figures and faces, all with boundless energy and enthusiasm, all with great patience. I saw the same great smiles and effortless poses at 6 PM as I did at 9 am.

The models were beautiful; they were tireless. I was reminded of what it felt like to be a young man. And there was some extra eye candy as well with the beauties from Portbox and Meadow Bosworth just to mention a few. I know they were an inspiration to every photographer in attendance.

Then there was the setting. Temple House Studios is an awesome space that gave everyone enough space to shoot, both inside and outside, and at the same time was intimate enough to make us all feel like a family. Thank you Temple House and thank you Miami for giving us northerners some real heat while withholding the tropical rains.

Of course, STC could not stage these events without the support of our sponsors, all highest quality products supported by completely knowledgeable people.

Here’s the list:

Portbox  (thanks for the endless cups of coffee which kept us going through the day)

When you are considering buying equipment, adding or updating, please remember our sponsors. They support all of us so let’s do all we can to support them and that means passing along referrals to friends and colleagues as well.

Myself excluded, our team of teacher-photographers only seem to get better with each seminar. You [attendees] have taught us nearly as much as we have taught you. Please do not be shy about asking questions, passing along suggestions. We want each seminar to be a better, more enjoyable learning experience and we can only do that if we get honest feedback from you.

Of course, none of this would happen without the tireless work of Jarmo and Mary. I can only begin to imagine the amount of work and effort it takes on their part to put together such a fantastic event. On Monday, our teaching group had a little meeting to go over the events of the weekend and consider what exciting things we might envision for the future. I actually saw Jarmo sit still for two minutes while he contemplated what might come next. It might be the only time I have ever seen the man not in Rinmaxx-aksanamotion.


Finally, let me congratulate all the attendees. If this was truly the best of all seminars to date, it was because of all of you. I felt as if we were one big family collectively in pursuit of excellence, each supporting and helping each other along the way. It was not only two days packed full of information and on hands shooting experience under the guidance of some of the best glamour photographers in the world, it was a fun experience. I enjoyed myself immensely.


And I very much enjoyed the one-on-one portfolio reviews that I had the pleasure to do. I saw talent, a willingness to learn and experiment, a passion for photography. I’m looking for each of those fellows to follow up with me by sending along some samples that show the positive effect of attending the conference. And whether your goal is to be a fulltime professional photographer or if it is simply an absorbing a vocation that gives you a break from the routine of your regular job, I think we would all agree that these seminars are a great way to increase your skills and energize yourself for your next shootings.

I know that Jarmo has some exciting plans for future seminars. If you missed this one (and our heartfelt apologies to those who could not make the seminar because of bad weather out east), make your plans early for the next one. It’s the best way I can think of to spend a couple of days doing the thing you love to do.


Byron Newman

ByronSetSultanI mean, what a great name for the studio. Originally a synagogue, the most charming owner Dan has converted it into a Mecca for image making. Hang with it. Not only will I be mixing the religions but also my metaphors. The Temple, a place of learning and devotion, a font of knowledge.

The Temple of light. The attendees, pilgrims, traveling from afar, seeking out the message of enlightenment from the four wise men who have come from the north, the south, the ease and the west to pass on all they have learnt. And the wisest of all, the fifth, Old King Cole. But just hold on there. There is nothing Demi godlike about us.

We are just guys who got lucky. We were in the right place at the right time and worked hard to stay there, and now happy to share our good fortune and the experience we have with you all. This was my third seminar and as in the past I was truly touched by the camaraderie, warmth, and genuine desire to learn that filled the Temple for two days. Each of the wise men bring gifts, perhaps not gold, frankincense and myrrh, but their own techniques and sense of aesthetics.


From the complex to the simple, the traditional to the avant-garde. I did not have much time to look around. My lighting set up required me to constantly make adjustments as shootings progressed. Aching arm and burnt wrist. Each year I try to introduce something a little different … there is more than one way to skin a cat … an unpleasant expression, why would you want to do such a thing? Constant light is versatile and quick to use. WYSIWYG. Put away your meter and look. If you like what you see, shoot it. The camera will see it the same way too. A short recap of some points from my presentation:

You do not take a photograph, you make a photograph.” ~Ansel Adams

ales-setYour skills, lighting, composition, model choice and direction, location, what is suitable for model chosen, make up and hair. Briefing your MUA, styling, assistant(s), propping. Photoshop skills. All these elements need to come to make a great picture together. Fall down on one and the whole house of cards collapses.

My taste is not your taste and your taste isn’t even your taste five years from now. Taste is time specific, style is timeless. Photos with style live forever. Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly. They all had style and their appeal will not fade with the passing of the years. Style is the key to images that will defy the ravages of time.



When I worked as an Art director of fashion magazines in London and Paris, the commissioning of photography was part of duties. I looked for a unique vision. Originality. The importance of developing your own signature.

A style that is recognizably yours. Filling up your account by absorbing painting, sculpture, literature, film, photography, music. Study the masters of light in painting. Caravaggio, Vermeer, the impressionists, obsessed by light. All these influences will feed into your images subconsciously, enriching and given layers of depth. Creation is not achieved in a vacuum. Be open to all that is out there.

The experience has gone and all that is left are the memories and lessons learned.

I did not make it to the dinner after the last day. I felt unwell and exhausted. Age is creeping up. I was sharing an apartment with my boss and now great friend of thirty years, Gary Cole. He was leaving for the restaurant on Collins Avenue. I said to him,

if one more person tells me I am a genius, I think I might throw up.” He looked at me, deadpan and replied, “Byron, don’t worry, I can assure you that you are not.”

Best thing I heard all day. I wish you all a prosperous and preposterous year. May Temple balls rain down upon you, and your camels multiply.




Ales Bravnicar

Once again the ultra-busy Miami Beach was sizzling with hot Playmates, gorgeous fashion models and glamour girls under the mentorship of top Playboy photographers from the US and Europe. Four masters of their craft shared their secrets with everyone at the Temple House Studios and, in my personal opinion, the workshop remains unequaled anywhere else. It was a resounding success.

The demanding audience, all seasoned photographers from every corner the world, were shown how to overcome the most difficult lighting challenges. Each of us explained our lighting scenarios and lit the scene with the help of those who came to the studio a day before the big show. The curves and the beauty of the models were emphasized with the power of lighting, amazing sets and the right poses.


My promise to all the STC attendees was always to deliver. And deliver I did. The photographs I shot at last year’s STC Workshop with the model Neža Marolt were published on the cover of Playboy magazine, the numerous travels with STC all resulted in world-wide published pictorials and this year, through popular demand, I set up a genuine “classic” Playboy set, seen numerous times in the magazine we all grew to love and cherish.

gangbang568Cover SmallI hope my presentation shed some insider light on the production of contemporary pictorials and on the photography business across the Atlantic ocean. To all of you who attended – take some time to take it all in and start experimenting. But most importantly, enjoy what you do and be happy. Many observers at the Temple House Studios have claimed that they have yet to see so many happy people in one place. Now who can beat that?

Much too soon, the day ended and a certificate presentation ceremony was held for participating attendees. As we shook hands and parted, we hoped this was not goodbye, but instead the beautiful beginning of a successful journey without end. From the strength of your handshakes and sincerity of smiles and spoken words, we knew that the magic had once again been created – one family, one love… photography.

Thank you

Shoot The Centerfold.