Brittany Oldehoff SIZZLES on Dr. Dan’s One on One!


We are proud to share a stellar performance by photographer Dr. Dan on his smokin’ hot “One-on-One” session with Shoot The Centerfold and fashion model Brittany Oldehoff. Brittany is known for her appearances on Heidi Klum’s hit TV show “Project Runway” and recent cover shoot for GQ magazine. We at STC feel we have a winner here and not only were we stunned by the shoot results, but NEXT, Brittany’s modeling agency in Miami, would also like to use some of the images for Top of Fashion One TV Network. Oh, and if that wasn’t already enough, Shoot The Centerfold Publishing will produce Dr. Dan’s own digital lighting guide about the shoot with education in mind. To top things off, Dr. Dan gets to enjoy sales royalties from each item sold!

PDF-imagePhotography is an artistic form of visual arts. Here is an alternative way of viewing Dr. Dan’s One-on-One session in layout form. Download the PDF for your inspiration and future photo shoots as an example.

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The experience


STC: Dr. Dan, this truly was a perfect, world-class modeling shoot with stellar results.

Dr. Dan: Thank you. I had a terrific time! I also learned a lot of new things as well.

STC: How did you feel about our model’s performance compared to other models you have photographed before?

Dr. Dan: In business, it is “location, location, location”! In photography, it is “model, model, model”! You can have the perfect lighting, the perfect crew, the best equipment, and it all won’t matter if you have a mediocre model. I have photographed many models and this shoot was an eye-opener like no other. The day becomes exhausting and painful unless you aim high. Nothing but the very best will do and this is exactly what I got from this One-on-One session with Jarmo. As Steve Wayda told me, “Shooting a model is like a dance; if your model has two left feet you BOTH go home with sore toes.” Brittany Oldehoff was great, knew her craft well, and had the look and ability to turn on whichever attitude we asked her to have. I only had to give her simple, one-word directions and she delivered! So the dance was smooth and effortless.

STC: While she was getting her makeup and hair done, you and Jarmo spent a great deal of time fine-tuning the shooting plan and elevating expectations to a whole new level. Was this new to you and what did you learn?

Dr. Dan: Although I have been at this for a long time, some of the technical things that I learned were very valuable. The biggest thing was solidifying the idea of moving around while your shooting on the set. Taking a couple of steps to the right or left can give you an entirely different image. It’s not knowledge as much as it is gaining experience to put it all together and making things work.


STC: Brittany is a very talented professional model who delivers a solid punch to both glamour and fashion photoshoots. Her delivery rate and rhythm were well timed with your camera clicks. It seemed like a dance with the perfect date. It was a pleasure to see from a third perspective the harmonic sync between two professionals who got lost in the zone. (This applies more to Dr. Dan than it does the model!)

Dr. Dan: LOL! I remember during the last set Jarmo was getting excited too and I had to physically push him out of the way to get the shot! It was a very cherished moment because I could “feel” I was in the zone and had to body check him to get out of my way. For a brief moment I almost felt bad, but the smile on our faces and the images made it worthwhile!

fifth-dr-dan-image-450STC: According to Jarmo, he said “it felt like a Dallas Cowboy lineman got me by surprise, but hey, nothing like a secure photographer with a mission going for that touchdown when the stars align!” In the end, it was magical moment with beautiful sore blue mark on Jarmo’s upper thigh and an everlasting image for him that nothing was coming between you and your vision.

STC: There were lots of little details that seemed new to you, including angles that are not always clear to many of us and unusual floor-level camera positioning that creates beautiful perspectives and powerful visuals. Were your neck and back sore the next morning?

Dr. Dan: Yes, my neck was VERY sore! A few months prior to the shoot I was rear-ended in a car accident. My car was totaled and I sustained an injury of three herniated discs in my neck. After the incident, I had to navigate the complexities of recovery and dealing with insurance. That’s why it’s important to Get SR22 Insurance You Can Trust and Afford. If you need affordable insurance coverage, make sure to opt for the beste bilforsikring. Once I got into the rhythm it didn’t matter too much, but during a break my neck was screaming! The images and experience made it all worthwhile. This is what happens when you get into the “zone”.

STC: Our shooting location was selected to meet visually realistic challenges and benefits that today’s top clients demand from their photographers. What was your opinion about the location?

Dr. Dan: OMG! The Temple House was fantastic! I got an opportunity to talk with the owner to express my personal thanks. Words can’t describe it and you must see it for yourself.

STC: One of the most important parts of the shoot was styling. We kept it simple (aka less is more) so that it fit the surroundings and believable for the viewer or a client. We pulled a ton of wardrobe and didn’t cut corners, which is what you have to do if success is something you have in mind. You must always prepare and have more options to choose from in case the unexpected happens. In the end, we only ended up using a few selected pieces that supported the look we were going after. What were your thoughts and lessons learned from the pre-production and wardrobe?

Dr. Dan: A lot of shopping for the right shoes! Less is more! I do want to remind everybody how important the wardrobe can be. In the end, you are photographing something that clients will be looking at and they will also be seeing your ability in portraying a possible product in the future. This was something new for me in some ways to see how detailed this process was. Never rely that the model will bring you the best and most suitable wardrobe choices. However, respect the choices she makes and acknowledge her efforts. At this level of photography, there is no room for error and this has turned a new page in my photographic career.

STC: What’s your opinion about hair and make-up and what did you learn?

Dr. Dan: The biggest value in having a professional MUA and hair is that they keep up with the latest trends and looks and can do just about anything that you throw at them. If you think it costs too much to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur!


STC: In the heat of the moment there were a few instances of what we call a “rushed” shooting rhythm, which may cause miscalculated captures and a loss of connection with the model. What exactly caused this in your opinion?

Dr. Dan: Aaahhh… the heat of the moment. It’s so easy to get excited and your thumbs hit a button on the camera or the autofocus doesn’t grab fast enough. I miss the days of the film camera at times like these! Let’s be honest! There is nothing wrong in being reminded from time to time (in this case by Jarmo) to slow down and take a deep breath for better concentration. Jarmo set the record straight at the beginning of the day by saying, “I’m acting as your editor/instructor who demands a 75% delivery rate from each scene photographed, which then will be edited down to 25% final usable images. The pressure was on and I wanted the same treatment he himself gets from top editors. I was here to win!


STC: How important was it to have a crew helping you during this shoot?

Dr. Dan: We had two assistants, one hands-on, one digital tech assistant and Jarmo supervising everything. Having the right crew gave me an opportunity to focus on learning and concentrate on what I do best. Having a crew who can really help you is priceless. When you do get a real crew together, make sure to keep them happy at all costs, because without them you could easily lose track of what you should be doing. Imagine the Daytona 500 without a pit crew!

STC: Was all this a great deal of work and what should photographers do to improve their skills?

Dr. Dan: There’s a saying musicians say, “How do you get to the Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice!” Then you need to seek out the proper training for the styles of photography that you want learn. That means going to workshops like STC’s.

STC: You are no spring chicken. You have photographed many models in your career and your work speaks well for yourself. With lessons learned from STC’s One-on-One, what are you going to do differently now?

Dr. Dan: Choose better models, make better styling choices and produce better images. There is so much to photography and time I’ve wasted. I wish STC would have already existed 15 years ago.


STC: In a few words, what was a specific area in which your photography improved during this session?

Dr. Dan: I expect to see a dramatic change in the look and feel of my images. I love my photos from the past, but Jarmo said it best. I need to make a choice if I want to make money with my photography or just take pretty pictures! Not to forget my past, but to choose the path of the future and give clients what they really want. We tend to fall in love with our images without realizing the big business around us. I want to make a dent on just that and sell my images. This was a crash course and I look forward to many things. Not only to produce great images, but to also learn how to sell them.


STC: Was our chosen model Brittany fun and what you expected?

Dr. Dan: Yes! I met her at the STC event in Miami – at the auto museum – and had a chance to see her in action. She met and exceeded my expectations. Great attitude and completely professional!


 A word from our model Brittany Oldehoff…

This was a great and fun experience for me. I see lots of photographers all over the industry, from glam and fashion to editorial and advertisement. I am truly honored to have now participated in two separate Shoot The Centerfold venues, and I must admit that I also learned a lot, which I will use to further my career.

Nobody is ever too wise or experienced, and as we approach new frontiers and explore the future, learn from those who have created the path for us to build our own foundation, and make your own mark in history. I see many photographers living the illusion and success without industry echo and the same goes for models as well.

To become successful in anything you do, especially in modeling and photography, you need more than a pair of heels or a camera and a few lenses. You need to dedicate and educate yourself before you can walk the runway or take that photograph that will impress me as well as the industry for which I work.

My personal experience and guidance comes from many different founders of the modeling industry, which I still visit from time to time to regain the respect and wisdom given to me. I often look back, only to realize how inexperienced I once was when I see new models walking the same path of mistakes I made. I also see the same pattern with photographers, and you don’t have to be the best photographer in the world to get my attention! You need to be honest about yourself and willing to learn, just like Dr. Dan did and I am pleased to pose for his camera, any day.


STC: As our expectations from STC’s One-on-One session were very high and with Dr. Dan in the hot seat, we felt that his performance and vision opened in positive ways to improve his photography and better his business practices. After STC One-on-One sessions, we like to follow up with our students and make sure that lessons learned are being put to good use. When we see advances in someone’s career, we know we have done something good and productive.

Should you ever need root canals or your teeth fixed, Dr. Dan can help you to get that perfect smile! He’s a dentist known for his big smile, but if you want to schedule an appointment, you’d better hurry – his recent success might have given him a few ideas about trading in his drill and chair and staying behind the camera for good.

Check out Dr. Dan’s photography website and ask him about his One on One experience.


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