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We are constantly barraged with inquires as to what brands of equipment we use and why. Although everyone has their own preferences, a good photographer has the ability to achieve comparable results from most types of professional gear available in today’s marketplace. Our own preferences have been made after many years of experimenting with all sorts of equipment, and we have stuck by the brands that have withstood the rigorous tests of durability and consistency shooting in the most demanding conditions from Studio West to the farthest corners of the globe. That being said, we are proud to announce the photographic manufacturers whom have come forth as sponsors of Shoot The Centerfold after our years of dedication to their products.

Deciding on the right equipment is often based on shooting style and what genre of photography you pursue. These opinions are often heavily based on recommendations from friends, advertising, or product demos at trade shows. From our experience, the only way to get a true sense of what equipment will stand up to your needs as a photographer is to use it. What better way to do that than to rent before you buy and bring it on a shoot. Most rental houses offer everything you need such as lenses, cameras, cards, light stands, strobes, power-packs, reflectors, and modifiers; Any gear you are interested in owning can be tried out first hand before you make the full monetary commitment of owning it.

When you attend our seminars and workshops, you will be able to see for yourself everything we use, and how we use it, to create our individual styles for which we are known. As our program continues to expand, naturally you will see our list of sponsors grow; Rest assured, Shoot The Centerfold would not be endorsing any product we ourselves have not already been using for years on end. Without further delay, here are the companies who have stood the test of time to help us create beautiful images in the most grueling of conditions any equipment has had to weather:

Hensel, made in Germany, is our lighting equipment of choice. Their incredible Inegra Monolights coupled with Porty (portable) Power Packs or lightning fast 6000-watt Studio Packs, are light-weight, durable, and well designed with innovations that to allow them to perform in any challenge you need to rise to. Check out their full range of products at

Samy’s Camera, based in Los Angeles, CA, is our number one online retailer of professional photographic equipment because of their highly competitive rates and unmatched customer service. Go to for your next purchase.

Chimera light banks and modifiers are the industry standard, and our preference, for creating beautiful, soft light. They offer many sizes and shapes to suit any photographer’s needs; All of which are study, durable, and effortless to pack and cary. offers descriptions and sizing of their extensive product line.

Matthews manufactures our preferred light-stands, also known as ‘C’ stands, to support our strobes and light modifiers. Their products have been used in the motion-picture industry for decades because of their durability and strength. Visit for more information.

Lightware produces camera, strobe and grip cases that are extremely durable, which is why we exclusively entrust their cases to store and transport our valuable equipment. Made from ballistic nylon, they are extremely light weight and durable; This has saved us an enormous amount of money over the years with strict airline regulations for luggage weight as well as indescribable hassles of broken equipment from hapless baggage carriers.

California Sunbounce designs and manufactures the most sturdy and versatile line of reflectors for shooting on location with bounced light. With their diverse line of reflectors, scrims, and available light modifiers that are fast and easy to assemble, you will always have the right piece of equipment to shoot in any condition under the sun. Clickhere to watch a video of our own David Mecey describing his experience with California Sunbounce systems and visit to view all they have to offer.

Shoot The Centerfold will be offering exclusive pricing deals on our sponsors’ equipment lines to our seminar and workshop attendees. This is a way for us to give back to the companies who have provided us with such amazing gear for all these years and to you, the aspiring photographer. Visit to find out about our upcoming seminars and workshops; These are the first step in our incredible new photographic educational program we are offering to photographers around the world. We hope to see you there!


Shoot The Centerfold Staff,