Fashion is My Passion


Explore the most comprehensive lighting book STC has ever created

We’re always thinking about how we will raise the bar and how we will redefine the way the photographers can discover the next step in their photography career. The Fashion is My Passion lighting book will show you how to make beautiful modern fashion shots by using only two lights. This lighting and shooting style is often imitated yet rarely achieved can be seen in magazines like Vogue, Bazaar, and other top publications. If you are looking to learn a “less is more” (2 Light Magic) shooting style, then this tutorial will show you exactly how masters in fashion are getting the cutting edge editorial look that editors cannot ignore. Not only will you learn fashion lighting but also philosophy behind fashion makeup, posing, and how to select the right elements that make your shots ready for the publishing industry. Leave nothing to chance and learn the detailed production path that editors really want.



Fashion Lighting and Styling

Fashion is something most of us will recognize when we see it. But when producing fashion shoots, lighting and styling are somewhat of a gray area for many photographers and so are the details on what really makes a fashionable image. I have combined the key elements in this book to demonstrate what makes a fashionable image and one that is appealing to the fashion industry. You will also learn tips and ways to enter into the world of fashion photography.


fashionIsMyPassionIpadMontage568-2It has been said that fashion is a matter of a style and taste and they were right

There is more fashion advertising in magazines, billboards, and the Internet than there are visible stars in the sky. Anywhere you look, you cannot miss the beautiful models that pose for these pictures and the lighting that supports what they are wearing. Who will be photographing these ads and pictorials and how come there is such a big difference between glamour as compared to fashion? This is where the knowledge of lighting, styling, and good taste will be put to the test. It takes commitment and smart work and then, who knows, you might be the next best thing the fashion industry has ever seen. But before you start booking models and calling agencies, do your homework and familiarize yourself with the standards and common practices known in the industry.


2LightMagic317Making magic with two strobe lights.

Lighting can be as magical as a painting or a masterpiece, and it should be. To truly become a master of light and shadow, one must stop thinking about it and feel it, as if you could touch it. When you can see beauty in simplicity and how the reflections come to life and how shadow adds drama, only then you know that you have fully understood the light. In this book you will learn about how to create a beautiful lighting situation by using only two strobe lights. The set may be bare and simple but there is nothing bare or simple about it when it comes to your own creations that should be treated as masterpieces.


Fashionable posing

jarmo-show-posesSince the human body is the best work of art known to mankind, it’s essential for a photographer to capture best possible form which will support the wardrobe model is wearing. No matter if it’s just a two-piece swimsuit or the latest trendy evening dress similar to unique homecoming dresses at Peaches Boutique, clients rely on the photographer and their expertise to showcase their products flawlessly, paying attention to even the minutest details such as wristwatch aesthetics. Therefore, it’s wise to consider wristwatch servicing to ensure every aspect enhances the overall presentation.

This is where knowing how to pose human form becomes important. Nobody else will see what the photographer does while behind the camera. The angle, shape, and overall form of your model must speak for itself. Not all models are experienced supermodels. Even when they have the potential, their experience level might be limited and this is where your wisdom and expertise becomes a valuable asset. Don’t be afraid to step in and show your model how it’s done. Good professional photographers also should know the poses that work and there is nothing more impressive for a client to see when you save the day and are in charge of your photo set. This is why they hired you in the first place and your confidence will give them the confirmation that they made the right choice by hiring you.


Some of the best-kept secrets known to fashion and Playboy photographers are now available to you in a digital format. Learn how to create amazing shots using the very same lighting techniques as seen on the pages of top fashion magazines. Now you can purchase individual lighting scenarios from Shoot The Centerfold’s series of Lighting Diagram books. STC has made obtaining your lighting diagrams as easy and wallet-friendly as possible. Let’s say you like a specific scene but don’t want to purchase the entire book. Select a scenario of your choice based on your educational needs, requirements, or interests.

About the Author


This single-lighting scene book includes:

  • One lighting scenario in fashion and beauty
  • Understanding exposure, color temperature, and depth of field
  • Explanation of “What Makes it Fashion” and who gets to decide
  • How to become a fashion photographer
  • Information about posing fashion and body language
  • Information about hair & makeup
  • A 3D Gallery and light modifier positioning
  • Recommended submission path and what editors want

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

This is one of the most comprehensive and extensive lighting tutorial books ever produced by Shoot he Centerfold with detailed information on how to enter the fashion photography industry and what editors are looking for in a photographer.

Take your photography to the next level

Create a set and magic with a two-light setup looking as if it came from the pages of Vogue. Most importantly, learn how to perfectly balance simplicity to impress your viewers. See detailed descriptions of each setting, focal length, color temperature, distance, and lens used to create breathtaking images.

NOTE: This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iPad, and with iTunes on your computer. Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iPad. Books with interactive features may work best on an iPad. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.


Has STC gone fashion rouge?

No. We have not but since we get endless requests on how to use one and two light setups to create fashionable and modern images in the industry which are quite popular in these days, we decided to craft a book exactly just about that. When you know lighting there are no limits and only results that count. This is also the primary reason for our own success and now it’s available for you to discover.