Marketa Belonoha


Our first model choice for Eleuthera, Bahamas “Marketa Belonoha” was rated one of the sexiest women alive by the French editions of both Playboy and Lui.

In May 2006 she earned a special Red Diploma Degree certificate for exceptional excellence in Informatics Management, for which she is entitled to carry the professional title, Ing. (an abbreviation for Engineer) before her name (thus: Ing. Marketa Belonoha, as opposed to Ms. Marketa Belonoha) in recognition of her academic achievement. Marketa is and has been one of the most photographed glamour models in the world, and presently ranks as the highest paid nude model in all of Eastern Europe. She has also done fashion modeling in both the US and Europe since 2005.

In 2007, she made her mainstream acting debut in Deep Gold 3D (2011), a suspense film shot in the Philippines.

Marketa has never been married. Her hobby is photographing cats. She plans in the near future to launch a pay site devoted to them with most of the proceeds going to animal shelters to help stray animals.

Her last name is pronounced Bella-NO-uh.

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