Master Your Lighting

Many aspiring photographers set out with the Machiavellian mantra “Pity the student who does not surpass his master.” Plastered on billboards, printed in magazines, and hanging in galleries all over the world are beautiful images. In an attempt to achieve what all these professionals and masters have accomplished, the young photographer may buy the same gear or hire an equally beautiful model to shoot in a fabulous location. When they see the final result, however, it’s only a high resolution snapshot of a beautiful model. It lacks the depth and dimension, the perspective and punch that well crafted lighting brings to the image.

Shooting landscape or architectural shots during the daytime, light is a hard source high in the sky, enveloping everything. For these types of photography, naturalism in the way large objects cast smaller ones into shadow is acceptable. Where many photographers face a challenge is when they try to manipulate these natural elements with reflectors and scrims. Finding a pleasing balance between top, front, back and side lighting is often difficult and can only be done efficiently with experience. More problems arise when shooting indoors, where the light-sources like strobes are completely of your own design. An incredible number of variables such as direction, and spread of each light, the size and depth of the shadows, balancing the colors of the wardrobe, skin-tones, nearby objects, with that of the light itself. These infinite variables become daunting to a photographer who is unfamiliar with handling all the aforementioned elements at the same time under the pressure of a professional shoot, during which you have to deliver your best work.

There is hope! Each of the Shoot The Centerfold photographers is a master of glamour lighting with over 100 years of combined experience working for the most demanding publishers of quality: Playboy Magazine. Ric and Ales’ working philosophy is “less-is-more,” creating exciting images with as little as two- or three-light setups. Jarmo, the architect of anywhere from 10 to more than 40-light masterpieces, has a plethora of experiences to teach you how to handle any size project you need to tackle. Byron is a master of the use and manipulation of available and constant lighting. His work, although he uses the most basic of lighting equipment, is subtle and at times complex in its execution. As a group, they demonstrate and explain the how’s and why’s of each light and the reasons why or why not certain light modifiers are used. Together, they have developed the most comprehensive education program in the history of glamour photography. Join us in our upcoming seminars and workshops around the world and stay tuned for digital media instructional materials that you can bring with you anywhere the job demands.

Welcome to Shoot The Centerfold, where wisdom is shared!