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Only a few seats remain for Shoot The Centerfold’s Las Vegas Seminar / Workshop. Want to book your seat now but payday is at the end of the week? No problem! You can reserve yourself a spot by putting down a deposit of 50% of the total price, and pay the remaining balance two weeks before the event. Hurry! Seats are selling fast!



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What you will achieve by attending our Shoot The Centerfold Seminar/Workshop at The Tropicana Hotel & Nikki Beach on June 4-5 2011 in Las Vegas

First and foremost, the money you spend gains you an enormous learning opportunity. You will receive instruction from not one, not two, but three illustrious Playboy centerfold photographers with over 80 years of experience. An opportunity never before offered anywhere.

Each of them will share with you the essence of what has taken them to become known and honored in the industry.

It will begin with Arny, Jarmo, and David each discussing their preferences with makeup/hair and how important these elements are in creating the perfect image. Followed by how wardrobe is utilized to help build the mood and style of a photograph, followed by the importance of having an experienced crew of assistants to help you, the photographer, manage and set the lights so you can focus on the necessary details that can often be overlooked if your forced to take on these tasks by yourself.

Arny, Jarmo, and David will each lecture about the lighting techniques they prefer, and how to create it. They will discuss, in depth, the type  of light, it’s shape, color, spread, and in what amounts; In order to thoroughly demonstrate the effect their lighting techniques have on a model in pursuit of that special image.

Our master photographers will go over their process of choosing a model, what they look for and what you should look out for, and how to get the most from that model on a shoot. From here, you will learn about posing and how to communicate with the model to move smoothly though a series of poses.

David will discuss his ‘less is more’ lighting philosophy by working with two to four lights in a guerilla style shooting scenario. Jarmo will demonstrate about how to achieve the perfect picture with six strobes and further lecture on using this setup in conjunction with natural light.  Arny will show how to work with “available light”; That is, every light available! Often utilizing 40 or more strobes to highlight and accent every inch of the set, including places most photographers never even see.

The second day: Now it’s your turn to take all the new tips and tricks you have learned and step behind the lens for a personal shoot on each of the three sets with Arny, Jarmo, and David for one-on-one instruction. An amazing opportunity to bolster your portfolio with images that are sure to impress even the most demanding of clients

We certainly hope you will take advantage of this very special event. It’s been said many times before and holds especially true to our program: “You get what you pay for.” Join us in Las Vegas for the experience of a lifetime!

The STC Staff