STC Fortune

The most important decisions in life are better not left to chance; why should your career in photography be treated any differently? There are many photography schools out there, knowing which to choose is often a daunting task; Just like opening a fortune cookie, you never know exactly what’s in store for you on the inside. The legendary photographers at Shoot The Centerfold come from a rich aesthetic tradition passed on though generations of staff photographers at one of the worlds most demanding publications: Playboy Magazine. The masters at STC have worn your very shoes and have walked many a mile, and the world knows where it has gotten them. Join the legacy and follow in our footsteps as we reveal the secrets that have created the iconic look that every photographer tries to emulate, but only we know how to create.

We here at Shoot The Centerfold have spent years developing an education program to teach aspiring photographers not only how to light and photograph a model, but also the business side of the industry which is frequently overlooked in schools and seminars.  Through workshops, seminars, and instructional DVD’s, we cover every step on our journey, leaving no stone unturned. We explain light by light how an image is composed in our styles, which are not limited to the covers and centerfolds of Playboy; Our work can be seen from the pages of major fashion magazines to the walls of the most prestigious fine art galleries all over the world. So no matter what style you choose, we at Shoot The Centerfold are here to help.

Although a bit of luck never hurts, that alone never got anyone very far. It was with countless hours of practice, studying the work of master photographers, more practice and more studying that gave us the keen eye and quick finger with which we make our living. As our own Arny Freytag says “Technical proficiency gets you to zero; it’s from there that you begin crafting your style.” Your future in photography begins here, unwrap your fortune and learn how the cookie crumbles at