Ric Moore

Ric Moore is a photographic powerhouse from advertising and editorial, to fashion and glamour. He was first inspired at the age of eighteen with the gift of his grandfather’s camera; He brought this newly found passion with him to Oklahoma University while pursuing a Master’s degree in communication. Taking the first big step towards his future career, he submitted a few of his images to Playboy Magazine. Although these initial images were not published, the editor wrote back saying he had a great eye and to keep up the good work. After completing his degree, Ric moved to Dallas, Texas where he began working as a photographic assistant for some of the best commercial photographers in the city. With a watchful eye, Ric was quick to learn how to light a myriad of subjects from models to products. Several months later David Mecey, a prominent photographer for Playboy, was in need of an assistant and Ric was highly qualified to fill the position. In their three years of working together Ric honed his skills to the level where he was available to branch out on his own as a professional photographer.

Ric received his first Playboy shooting assignment for the ‘Girls of Spring Break’ in 1991 where he has honored with the lead photograph. Playboy was more than impressed with Ric’s wide range of ability from precise studio lighting to heat of the moment location shooting so they continued assigning him to renown shoots such as Biker Babes, Employee of the Month, Latin Ladies, Special Editions, Playmates, and Girls of Hawaiian Tropic (just to name a few). In addition to photographing the world’s most beautiful women, Ric Moore is also perpetually hired by multi-billion dollar companies to make their products look just as sexy.