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A veteran photographer, Ales Bravnicar has been a senior contributor to Playboy Slovenia for over a decade. Not only can you see his stunning pictorials in the US edition of Playboy, but also in the pages of international editions worldwide, including a variety of top fashion magazines. Ales’ unique perspective of action and contemporary poses add an extra dimension to his images and are a trademark of not only his work, but also a lifestyle that is always on the go and in search of only the best in glamour and fashion poses.

STC posing guides were created and developed from a collection of poses used by world-class photographers for top national and international publications and online images. This posing guide is the result of decades of professional experience and the cumulative knowledge and expertise of master photographers in the glamour and fashion photo industries.

The Importance of Posing

From ancient statues and renaissance oil paintings to modern fashion and glamour photography, the great artists have always founded their idealistic depictions of the human form on the subtleties of posing. While sculptors and painters have the advantage of being able to modify imperfections in their model’s pose with the stroke of a brush or chisel, photographers must coach the performance out of their subject to pass the intended message onto the viewer.

A good photographer with a solid understanding of how certain poses accentuate or minimize areas of the body, can make a short girl look tall, hide certain bulges in areas of the model’s body; they know how to manipulate the pose. What you don’t see, your mind fills in the rest. If the image is well lit, the facial expression is beautiful, and what you do see is attractive, your mind fills in the gaps that what isn’t clearly visible is also beautiful.

With detailed descriptions on how to get the most from each set of poses, you can easily show your model what you’re looking for and communicate the essential details to make the poses her own. With STC’s posing guide series you’ll be able to take your photography to a whole new level; maximizing each shoot to give your clients a wide range of looks, delivering flawless images that excite the viewer and improving your skills as a photographer.



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