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Ales Bravnicar’s Deluxe Lighting guide is a mix of edgy fashion photography and traditional glamour photography. The most traveled of the STC master photographers; Bravnicar covers a wide range of lighting situations from basic location shooting to complex multi-light studio set-ups.

The newest to the STC fold of master photographers, Bravnicar’s immense skills are evident in this book. His lighting diagrams carefully explain his methods and his deft use of light and shadow. Time and time again, he has displayed the immaculate ability to master any lighting scenario and create masterpieces out of what may seem to be impossible situations to the untrained eye.

The perfect coffee table book

Creating a stunning coffee table book with the highest quality materials available was only natural for those who strive for the best qualities not only in photography, but also from the book itself. It features Fuji crystal double-sided, metallic pearl archival paper with UV coating to protect it from fading and made to last a lifetime. These handmade guides are our highest quality books we have ever produced.

Much more than just a book

Included are 16 different lighting diagram scenarios. Explore the techniques and lighting this book has to offer and create your own glamour and fashion images with his invaluable experience to guide you. Most importantly, acquire professional lighting skills by learning from the master photographer who created the look and feel seen and admired in some of the most well known pictorials worldwide.

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