Standard Posing Guide 3 Set

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1 x Byron Newman’s Standard Posing Guide
1 x Jarmo Pohjaniemi’s Standard Posing Guide
1 x Ric Moore’s Standard Posing Guide

The master photographers of Shoot The Centerfold have developed an incredible series of posing guides to assist photographers with on-set posing inspiration. Each with their own unique style, you can reference hundreds of images shot by the leading visionaries in human form composition. Our full color, high resolution pictorials allow you to see every pose executed by a stunning model in a real lighting situation. You may choose from either our Standard Edition booklets, with loop binding and high quality gloss printing, or our Deluxe Edition two volume box set with leather binding and gorgeous dual page spreads, printed on Fuji crystal archive pearl paper.

The legendary Byron Newman brings his personal style and flare to the pages of his posing guide. He and model Mary Alejo conjured up a potent combination of classic glamour and modern fashion poses that carry more drama and expression than a Hollywood blockbuster. Whether standing, sitting, laying down or upon furniture, you’re guaranteed to find a pose that will make your next image a hit.

Ric Moore, master of both studio precision and heat of the moment location shooting, brings you the best of both worlds in his standard and deluxe posing guides. Ric worked extensively with his beautiful model Jessica in order to create a visually definitive guide to the art of posing illustrated by stunning pictorials. This guide highlights the full spectrum of posing possibilities with increased focus on utilizing a variety of furniture to execute eye catching, advanced posing possibilities. Whether your a model or a photographer, you’re sure to bring your abilities to new heights with Ric’s installment of Shoot The Centerfold’s Posing Guide series.

Jarmo Pohjaniemi teams up with model Thea Coleman to deliver an exciting variety of fun and funky, exotic poses. With a range of positions that span from standing up to laying down, and variations upon modern furniture, you’re sure to find hundreds of potential poses for whatever shooting needs you may have. This guide delivers decades of experience right to the palm of your hand, which you can carry anywhere in the world you may be assigned to bring top-notch images home from. Jarmo relates “This guide is based in raw poses. These are the secrets that bring your model to life, and your photos to the front page!”

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